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Royal Gold

Amruta Amruta Royal is premium CTC leaf tea from the prime gardens of Assam.Royal tea is an excellence in freshness, satisfying taste & pleasing colour,Amruta
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Family Dust

Amruta  Family Dust is our Value for money offering for you and your family. With its economical price and unique strength, your family is surely
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Super Dust

Amruta Super Dust tea is a revitalizing and refreshing tea. A sip of this sea will fill you with energy and make you feel ready
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Josh Golden

Amruta Josh Golden Dust tea has been handpicked by experts from the tea gardens of Assam.Amruta Tea has been packed in the ISO 9001 Certified
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Amruta parichay is a mixture tea with extremely superior taste, strength aroma andColour , Parichay has blended the qualities of long leaf, mumri and fanning’s
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